Factory Sealed - Episode 49

Factory Sealed – Ep. 49: Excitebike 64, Toy Story 2, and a Brain Hemorrhage Named Race Drivin’

A review of Excitebike 64 that doesn’t jive well with history, Axiom Verge and modern retro games,  the unsurprisingly terrible Toy Story 2 (GBC), and not surprisingly terrible Race Drivin’. No semis allowed.
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Axiom Verge

Axiom Verge: The Time Paradox

When I’m playing Axiom Verge, I feel like I’ve broken the time space continuum.
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Factory Sealed - Episode 44

Factory Sealed – Ep. 44: Final Fantasy 8: Disc 1

A relative newcomer, a seasoned Final Fantasy veteran, a low level runner, and a wild conspiracy theorist converge upon the first disc of one of the most polarizing Final Fantasy games ever.
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Factory Sealed - Episode 15

Factory Sealed – Ep. 15: Special Guest Elias Toufexis joins for Some Super Mario Bros. 2

We asked for this! Elias Toufexis joins us in discussing all things nostalgic and learns the shocking truth behind Super Mario Bros. 2 and the cross-dressing, gender confused Birdo.
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