Is Emulation Really Hurting the Videogaming Industry?

Emulation is out there – I know it, you know it; but is it doing more harm than good, or are the argument for emulation really valid?
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Video: Factory Sealed Plays – Landstalker

Oh dear, we’re thinking of stuff again. This never goes well.
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Eric’s Favorite Games from 2015

I played a lot of games in 2015. I mean, I play a lot of games in general, but compared to previous years, the number of games I consumed in 2015 is borderline disgusting.
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Rob Ford

Jess’s Favorite Games of 2015

I’m going to apologize in advance as I don’t think I have actually posted any sort of article/review/anything since…2012? So I’ve got that going for me. Awesome.
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