Carmel Cran

The Carmel Cran’s Most “Get It” Games of 2016

2016 certainly was a year for the books. While it was likely no more traumatic than any of the thousands of years prior, we decided to make a colossal deal out of everything from me becoming a bionic man, Tom evading the tax man, and Jess just… well.. we don’t know what ha
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JockBuns’ Definitive List of Not-Shite Games I Played in 2016

There’s been many memorable moments in 2016. As the world falls apart around us, we at Factory Sealed keep the comedy gold going. I mean, who could forget that time that Tom had a smooth area, Eric’s ridiculous, over-the-top contest announcement voice or that time we all drove everyon
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Dungeons and Dragons

An Extraordinary Experience: Life Simulation and Tabletop Gaming

Hello everyone, I am Sam Chun. I am a fellow listener to the podcast, and for now, article writer. Hopefully I will be able to make this a usual thing at regular intervals and bring good content for you all. Now that I have the formalities taken care of, onto the topics at hand.
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Is Emulation Really Hurting the Videogaming Industry?

Emulation is out there – I know it, you know it; but is it doing more harm than good, or are the argument for emulation really valid?
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