Factory Sealed - Ep. 142 - Sonic and Knuckles

Factory Sealed – Ep. 142: Sonice the Hedgepig and Knerckles the Enchilada

Mike gets thrown under the bus after last week’s shambles, Eric tries to justify Destiny 2, and we go fastor through Sonice the Hedgepig 3 and Knerkles the Enchilada.
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Factory Sealed - Ep. 141 - Wonderboy

Factory Sealed – Ep. 141: Wonderboy III: The Dragon’s Trap

We’re trekking back to the Master System and exploring the magic of Wonderboy 3: The Dragon’s Trap, but not before stopping off to talk about the rest of Horizon, some Uncharted Lost Legacy, renting used games, and make a face out of some trousers hiked up to one man’
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Link's Awakening

Factory Sealed – Ep. 140: Link’s Awakening… Again

We’re Gilberting all over the place as super fan and living meme Dan C. Gilbert joins us to discuss Sonic Mania, Sonice the Hedgepig, and Zelda: Links’ Awakening.
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Dino Crisis

Factory Sealed – Ep. 139: Dino Crisis

It’s a Crisis of Dinosaurs! One might even say it’s a Dino Crisis. We don our power plant engineering outfits to S.O.R.T. out some dinosaur turd; helped along the way by a new visitor named Bort and a few bouts of impromptu singing related to a very specific individual.
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