Jak and Daxter

Factory Sealed – Ep. 148: Jak and Daxter – The Precursor Legacy

Yes, this is a Factory Sealed episode, and yes, you are hearing a LOT of game chat. We refine our already impeccable segues, play some Jak and Daxter, splurge over Mega Man 11, and crown the winner of the Annual Factory Sealed Straddle competition.
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Mickey Castle of Illusion

Factory Sealed – Ep. 147: Mickey’s Castle and World of Illusion

Mike gives a new voice to Mickey that nobody wanted to hear while Dan stands in line to look at a window. But at the end of the day, it was all just an illuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusion.
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Factory Sealed – Ep. 146: Spyro the Dragon

Mike breaks his record and heads off to Mexico, leaving Eric, Dan, and Tom to man the show for some chat about Spyro, EA’s horrible launch of Battlefront 2, and more than enough nerding out over Mega Man.
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Silent Hill 3

Factory Sealed – Ep. 145: Silent Hill 3 (and Mario Odyssey)

We go trick or treating and end up with a sweet, tasty Mario Odyssey, but unfortunately somebody also added a turd to our bags named Silent Hill 3.
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