Factory Sealed - Ep. 141 - Wonderboy

Factory Sealed – Ep. 141: Wonderboy III: The Dragon’s Trap

We’re trekking back to the Master System and exploring the magic of Wonderboy 3: The Dragon’s Trap, but not before stopping off to talk about the rest of Horizon, some Uncharted Lost Legacy, renting used games, and make a face out of some trousers hiked up to one man’
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Link's Awakening

Factory Sealed – Ep. 140: Link’s Awakening… Again

We’re Gilberting all over the place as super fan and living meme Dan C. Gilbert joins us to discuss Sonic Mania, Sonice the Hedgepig, and Zelda: Links’ Awakening.
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Dino Crisis

Factory Sealed – Ep. 139: Dino Crisis

It’s a Crisis of Dinosaurs! One might even say it’s a Dino Crisis. We don our power plant engineering outfits to S.O.R.T. out some dinosaur turd; helped along the way by a new visitor named Bort and a few bouts of impromptu singing related to a very specific individual.
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Super Castlevania IV

Factory Sealed – Ep. 138: Super Castlevania IV

We adjust our drip lines and set off into the night in search of a Super NES Classic Edition only to find a FamicomBox, a Panasonic Q, and an impossibly linear path to Dracula in Super Castlevania IV.
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