Factory Sealed - Ep. 110 - MediEvil

Factory Sealed – Ep. 110: Driver, MediEvil, and Richard’s Dick

Is there any Dick in Richard? Is Driver any good outside of Russian accents? Why is MediEvil called MediEvil and just what in the hell are sarnies and pease pudding anyway?
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Wario Land

Factory Sealed – Ep. 109: Wario Land and Really Bad Accents

Allo comrades, this week, we are driving you crazy with discussion of Wario Land, larders v pantries and very, very poor accents.
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Dark Coud 2

Factory Sealed – Ep. 108: Dark Cloud 2 – Part 1

We hit things with wrenches, build entire towns, race fish, and even stop off for a spot of golf as we tackle the first half of Dark Cloud 2.
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Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town

Factory Sealed – Ep. 107: Harvest Moon, No Man’s Sky, and Life Simulation

Yee Haw! It’s Harvest Moon time. All ya’ll younguns best hike up yer britches and get to. Them taters and maters ain’t gonna grow themselves!
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