Factory Sealed - Ep. 156 - God of War

Factory Sealed – Ep. 156: God of War and God of War

Dan’s back from Australia to save the show once again as we talk about Nintendo Labo, God of War and also talk about God of War.
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Donkey Kong Country

Factory Sealed – Ep. 155: Donkey Kong Country

BEAP BEAP! Eric and Mike pile into a semi full of Rocky bidets, flattening Dan on their way to discuss, Celeste, Ni No Kuni II, and Donkey Kong Country.
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Splinter Cell

Factory Sealed – Ep. 154: Splinter Cell

Dan left for Other Hett (aka Australia) and Mike destroyed his car, leaving Eric and Tom to discuss how Solid Snake would feel about Sam Fischer’s stealth technique in Splinter Cell.
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Illusion of Gaia

Factory Sealed – Ep. 153: Illusion of Gaia (again)

(Illusion of) Gaia Guys! We’re off to the Tower of Bagel to sample those sweet, sweet erbs on Craig’s finest Vag InvisiBagels.
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