Factory Sealed - Ep. 117 - ActRaiser

Factory Sealed – Ep. 117: ActRaiser, NES Classic, and Summer Cars

Join Sir Jockbuns and Dead Scarlett Johannson as they play god in ActRaiser, debate the mini NES, discuss review ethics, and learn about a very special summer car.
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Factory Sealed - Ep. 116 - Super Metroid

Factory Sealed – Ep. 116: Samoose in Super Metroid

Jess proves turning 30 isn’t as good as dying, by being basically dead, we all fail to get Samoose to the end of Super Metroid, and a winner is chosen for the Mini NES competition.
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Factory Sealed - Ep. 115 - Silent Hill 2

Factory Sealed – Ep. 115: Silent Hill 2

This Halloween we tackle Silent Hill 2 and join James Sunderland as he ventures into his own personal hell to look for his wife. Her name is Mary. She sent him a letter. Have you seen her? She’s dead.
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Factory Sealed - Ep. 114 - GTA Vice City

Factory Sealed – Ep. 114: GTA: Vice City, Nintendo Switch, and Red Dead Redemption 2

Slip on your neon leg warmers on, perm that hair, and join us as we go back to the 80’s for a spot of GTA: Vice City and stop off for some discussion about the Nintendo Switch, Red Dead Redemption 2, and find out for yourself just how incredibly stupid one man can be when he des
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