Silent Hill 3

Factory Sealed – Ep. 145: Silent Hill 3 (and Mario Odyssey)

We go trick or treating and end up with a sweet, tasty Mario Odyssey, but unfortunately somebody also added a turd to our bags named Silent Hill 3.
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Mario 64

Factory Sealed – Ep. 144: Mario 64

Let’s pickle! It’s-a-time for some Mario 64, where Mario is less than amused to find a little present in a urinal. We also chat (at length) about our legendary trip to Mike’s wedding.
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Factory Sealed - Ep. 143 - The London Live Show

Factory Sealed – Ep. 143: The London Live Show!

Brace yourself… this got out of hand.
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Factory Sealed - Ep. 142 - Sonic and Knuckles

Factory Sealed – Ep. 142: Sonice the Hedgepig and Knerckles the Enchilada

Mike gets thrown under the bus after last week’s shambles, Eric tries to justify Destiny 2, and we go fastor through Sonice the Hedgepig 3 and Knerkles the Enchilada.
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