Factory Sealed - Ep. 127 - Klonoa

Factory Sealed – Ep. 127: Klonoa

Tom finds his way back to the show to help support the Vita, fawn over the new Final Fantasy VII remake screens, and bubble over the lovely 2.5D platformer we probably all missed – Klonoa: Door to Phantomile.
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Factory Sealed - Ep. 126 - Suiper Mario RPG

Factory Sealed – Ep. 126: Super Mario RPG – Part 2

The battle against Doctor Smooth Area takes a dramatic turn as Eric develops laser eyes! We (nearly) finish Super Mario RPG, discuss upcoming games, chat about emulation and a take a look at a new all-in-one console called the RetroBlox.
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Super Mario RPG

Factory Sealed – Ep. 125: Super Mario RPG – Part 1

It’s with a tearful wave that we say goodbye to Jess. Eric and Dan share their favorite Jess moments before trying to make sense of the Kingdom Hearts series, invent an alternate RPG franchise, and dissect the first half of Super Mario RPG.
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Factory Sealed - Ep. 124 - Resident Evil 2 Nintendo Switch FB

Factory Sealed – Ep. 124: Resident Evil 2 and the Nintendo Switch

We react to the┬áNintendo Switch, Jess contracts the G-Virus and manages to miss our playthrough of Resident Evil 2 (although we didn’t notice) and we reveal the winners of our Card Fighter competition.
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