Beyond Oasis

Factory Sealed – Ep. 164: Beyond Oasis

We go Beyond Oasis (and the realms of good taste) as we chat emulation, while being baffled by the WonderSwan, and new a brand new Greek superhero, PissEyes.
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Factory Sealed – Ep. 163: Bioshock

Video game collector turned side-saddle bathroom soccer star, Zack Fawley joins us on our trip back to Rapture as we cover the original Bioshock. Now, would you kindle stop by the Circus of Value? We hear they are running a special on eye replacements.
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NiGHTS into Dreams

Factory Sealed – Ep. 162: NiGHTS into Dreams

We open (and potentially close) the door on the Sega Saturn library as we discuss its role in crippling the once mighty Sega before taking flight with our subconscious in the mysterious NiGHTS into Dreams.
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Final Fantasy IX

Factory Sealed – Ep. 161: Final Fantasy IX: Discs 3&4

It’s the final stretch of Final Fantasy IX as we tackle discs 3 and 4, armed only with our very unusual glow in the dark lightsabers.
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