Factory Sealed - Episode 12

Factory Sealed – Ep. 12: People Actually Like Goof Troop?

The glory of Sunset Riders, Golden Sun, Blast Corps, and Cross-Canadian Trucking Math Simulators comes crashing down thanks to the buzzkilling title known as Goof Troop.
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Factory Sealed - Episode 11

Factory Sealed – Ep. 11: Video Game Addiction and Which Version of Aladdin is Best

Aladdin vs. Aladdin, Pilotwings, and the psychology behind video game addiction are lifted into the stirrups in this exceptionally equine edition of Factory Sealed.
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Factory Sealed - Episode 10

Factory Sealed – Ep. 10: The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Aron steps out to assume his fatherly duties, leaving Eric and Jess to swap tender Valentine’s day stories and philosophize about the deeper meaning of Link’s Awakening.
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Factory Sealed - Episode 9

Factory Sealed – Ep. 9: The Little Mermaid and a Game Where You Try Not to Commit Suicide

Special guest Kevin Beier wakes up from his evening nap to come talk about The Little Mermaid, Blaster Master, the first half of Link’s Awakening, and an apparently non-existent game whose sole point is to not commit suicide.
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