Factory Sealed - Episode 22

Factory Sealed – Ep. 22: Underage Goth Concerts and Earthworm Jim

Two weeks in a row?! We know. Impressive. So how about you hop on our tour bus and let us talk to you about goth concerts, Earthworm Jim, Shaq Fu, and vegan spit salads.
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Factory Sealed - Episode 21

Factory Sealed – Ep. 21: We’re back!

We’re baaaaaaaaack! We haven’t played anything, but that doesn’t stop us from catching up and talking about some GTA.
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Factory Sealed - Episode 20

Factory Sealed – Ep. 20: Let’s Get Emotion With Doom and Ceaser III

Aron bows out for the summer leaving Kev to swoop in and save the day with talk of Doom, Ceaser III, and retro games with the most emotional endings.
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Factory Sealed - Episode 19

Factory Sealed – Ep. 19: Final Fantasy VI Special

Eric and Kevin imbibe in some over-sized drinks and dissect the inner workings of Final Fantasy VI.
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