Factory Sealed - Episode 29

Factory Sealed – Ep. 29: Which Games Deserve an HD Remake?

Happy Thanksgiving! Eric and Aron celebrate with talks of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and other desired HD remake/sequel/homages, the progression of RPGs, and just how much it sucks to have your entire gaming collection stolen.
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Factory Sealed - Episode 28

Factory Sealed – Ep. 28: Special Guest Rob Duenas from Sketchcraft Stops By

Professional illustrator and artist esquire Rob Duenas from Sketchcraft shares some insight into the comic and game art industry. Also, we discuss the best and worst console launches of all time, Mother 3 Ch. 4, and learn just how well Aron handled his ‘all cleric’ Eye of
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Factory Sealed - Episode 27

Factory Sealed – Ep. 27: Yup. Goof Troop is Still Bad

Retro sports games, more Goof Troop, Mega Man X, and… kitten farts? We wander into some really dark territory many times over in our first ever attempt at live streaming the show.
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Factory Sealed - Episode 26

Factory Sealed – Ep. 26: An Evil Nazi Plot Lives Deep Within Mother 3

We discover an evil Nazi plot hidden deep within Ch 3 of Mother 3 and discuss the joys of single player co-op games while relaxing in an oddly shaped hot spring.
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