Factory Sealed - Episode 27

Factory Sealed – Ep. 27: Yup. Goof Troop is Still Bad

Retro sports games, more Goof Troop, Mega Man X, and… kitten farts? We wander into some really dark territory many times over in our first ever attempt at live streaming the show.
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Factory Sealed - Episode 26

Factory Sealed – Ep. 26: An Evil Nazi Plot Lives Deep Within Mother 3

We discover an evil Nazi plot hidden deep within Ch 3 of Mother 3 and discuss the joys of single player co-op games while relaxing in an oddly shaped hot spring.
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Factory Sealed - Episode 25

Factory Sealed – Ep. 25: Happy Halloween! Fatal Frame, Demon’s Crest, and Silent Hill

Happy Halloween! Let’s talk about some scary games. Demon’s Crest, Fatal Frame, Silent Hill, and a whole slew of personal ghost stories are creepily whispered over your shoulder in this edition of the scariest retro gaming podcast ever.
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Factory Sealed - Episode 24

Factory Sealed – Ep. 24: Spyro the Dragon and The Firemen

Spyro the Dragon, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, The Firemen, video game immortality, and a plethora of useless cheat codes are here to save you on the only podcast willing to enter through the east exit…
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