Factory Sealed - Ep. 121 - Bread Wren

Factory Sealed – Ep. 121: Christmas Memories of 2016

Ho ho ho, it’s the Factory Sealed Christmas show! Inside, you’ll find many neatly wrapped presents including a bread wren, a Grandma that falls over, and the sweet, sweet memories of things that happened in 2016 during Factory Sealed. Oh, and Maniac Mansion.
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Factory Sealed - Ep. 120 - Final Fantasy XV

Factory Sealed – Ep. 120: Final Fantasy XV Extravaganza

Jeeves, tell Jeeves to inform Jeeves to tell masters Ericolius, Iggytom, and Dantis that we have washed their clothes in the toilet and prepared a right good Final Fantasy extravaganza.
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Factory Sealed - Ep. 119 - Sonic 2

Factory Sealed – Ep. 119: Sonic 2 and a Long Overdue Apology

The Carmel Cran and his faithful sidekick, Jockbuns, stop fighting the evil of Dr Smooth Area to discuss Sonic 2’s surprising facts and a bit of Pokemon Sun before inventing a clothing line.
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Factory Sealed - Ep. 118 - Soul Blazer

Factory Sealed – Ep. 118: Rogue Chin Hairs, Pokemon, and Soul Blazer

A wild man-hunting chin hair appears as we discuss Pokemon Sun and Moon before the Master fails again to save the word in Soul Blazer!
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