Factory Sealed - Episode 15

Factory Sealed – Ep. 15: Special Guest Elias Toufexis joins for Some Super Mario Bros. 2

We asked for this! Elias Toufexis joins us in discussing all things nostalgic and learns the shocking truth behind Super Mario Bros. 2 and the cross-dressing, gender confused Birdo.
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Factory Sealed - Episode 14

Factory Sealed – Ep. 14: The Toronto Batman Episode

Holy Podcast, Batman! Toronto Batman drops by to discuss every Batman game imaginable and break as few bones as possible in the process.
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Factory Sealed - Episode 13

Factory Sealed – Ep. 13: Does Anyone Really Care Where Carmen Sandiego Is?

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego, Mario’s Time Machine, 10 Yard Fight, Base Wars, Top Gun, and Aces are dialed into the Chronoskimmer as Aron and Eric soldier on without Jess.
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Factory Sealed - Episode 12

Factory Sealed – Ep. 12: People Actually Like Goof Troop?

The glory of Sunset Riders, Golden Sun, Blast Corps, and Cross-Canadian Trucking Math Simulators comes crashing down thanks to the buzzkilling title known as Goof Troop.
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