Factory Sealed - Episode 39

Factory Sealed – Ep. 39: We’re Back! New Format, New Games, New Co-Host!

From the ashes of podcasts past, we’ve arisen… again! (For the 3rd time.) We’re back with a new format, new games, a new co-host and in honor of its 20th birthday, lots of PlayStation nostalgia.
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Factory Sealed - Episode 38

Factory Sealed – Ep. 38: Soul Blazer and Newborn Babies

A baby was born. A break was had. A game was played… hopefully. We’re back! Kind of…
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Factory Sealed - Episode 37

Factory Sealed – Ep. 37: Killing All the Cute Animals in Space Station Silicon Valley

Phantasy Star IV, Space Station Silicon Valley, and a whole lot of crushed hopes make their way through the Canadian snow storm in this philosophical, entirely PETA-friendly edition of Factory Sealed.  
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Factory Sealed - Episode 36

Factory Sealed – Ep. 36: Conker’s Bad Fur Day and Loads of Poop Talk

Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Rad Racer, Star Wars Episode I: Racer, heart shaped eye implants, fingernail scoops, and WAY too much talk about poop.  
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