Factory Sealed - Episode 8

Factory Sealed – Ep. 8: Movie Games and Pokemon Yellow

The crew treads dangerously into movie game territory with Harry Potter before diving face first into the addicting world of Pokemon Yellow. All while Jess does her absolute best to derail the show right from the outset.
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Factory Sealed - Episode 7

Factory Sealed – Ep. 7: Parasite Eve and Aron’s Pong News Spot

Retro gaming in Canadaland, Parasite Eve, and how Aron felt the need to take his feelings about Pong to the local news. All that and more in the very first episode of Factory Sealed to grace 2013.
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Factory Sealed - Episode 6

Factory Sealed – Ep. 6: Time for Some Severe Head Trauma With Mutant League Football

Syphon Filter, Mutant League Football, Brave Fencer Musashi, and severe head trauma are all fashionably late to the best dream interpreting retro gaming podcast ever.
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Factory Sealed - Episode 5

Factory Sealed – Ep. 5: The Illusion of Gaia and the Fall of Sega

Illusion of Gaia, the fall of the almighty Sega, and the long lost art of cartography are dropped into the View Master in this totally Hipster-free edition of the greatest retro video game podcast this side of yesterday.
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