Factory Sealed - Episode 25

Factory Sealed – Ep. 25: Happy Halloween! Fatal Frame, Demon’s Crest, and Silent Hill

Happy Halloween! Let’s talk about some scary games. Demon’s Crest, Fatal Frame, Silent Hill, and a whole slew of personal ghost stories are creepily whispered over your shoulder in this edition of the scariest retro gaming podcast ever.
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Factory Sealed - Episode 24

Factory Sealed – Ep. 24: Spyro the Dragon and The Firemen

Spyro the Dragon, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, The Firemen, video game immortality, and a plethora of useless cheat codes are here to save you on the only podcast willing to enter through the east exit…
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Factory Sealed - Episode 23

Factory Sealed – Ep. 23: Aron Has a Stalker!

We desperately try to unveil the identity of Aron’s Seattle stalker, talk about some Mother 3: Ch 2 (Finally!), and read a whole ton of emails.
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Factory Sealed - Episode 22

Factory Sealed – Ep. 22: Underage Goth Concerts and Earthworm Jim

Two weeks in a row?! We know. Impressive. So how about you hop on our tour bus and let us talk to you about goth concerts, Earthworm Jim, Shaq Fu, and vegan spit salads.
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