Factory Sealed - Ep. 122 - Top Games of 2016

Factory Sealed – Ep. 122: Top Games of 2016

2016 may have been shit, but there were still plenty of games to love! We pick our top ten games of the year and buff some smooth areas in the process.
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Factory Sealed - Ep. 121 - Bread Wren

Factory Sealed – Ep. 121: Christmas Memories of 2016

Ho ho ho, it’s the Factory Sealed Christmas show! Inside, you’ll find many neatly wrapped presents including a bread wren, a Grandma that falls over, and the sweet, sweet memories of things that happened in 2016 during Factory Sealed. Oh, and Maniac Mansion.
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Factory Sealed - Ep. 120 - Final Fantasy XV

Factory Sealed – Ep. 120: Final Fantasy XV Extravaganza

Jeeves, tell Jeeves to inform Jeeves to tell masters Ericolius, Iggytom, and Dantis that we have washed their clothes in the toilet and prepared a right good Final Fantasy extravaganza.
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Factory Sealed - Ep. 119 - Sonic 2

Factory Sealed – Ep. 119: Sonic 2 and a Long Overdue Apology

The Carmel Cran and his faithful sidekick, Jockbuns, stop fighting the evil of Dr Smooth Area to discuss Sonic 2’s surprising facts and a bit of Pokemon Sun before inventing a clothing line.
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