Factory Sealed – Ep. 169: Bully

Join us on Edna’s bike ride through the Rockstar hit Bully, stopping off at interesting locales including Yorkshire Pokemon and Eric’s Driving School.
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Factory Sealed - Ep. 168 - Dead Space

Factory Sealed – Ep. 168: Dead Space

We pop the show into Space D and rid the Ishimura of its wiggly arm monster infestation in Dead Space; stopping off for a bit of Rootin-Tootin Horsey-Shootin’ in Red Dead Redemption 2 first.
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Mega Man

Factory Sealed – Ep. 167: So Much Mega Man!

It’s the inevitable Mega Man episode – Zack and Dan are on hand with tranquilizer guns trained on Eric as we tackle Mega Man 1-6 (and 11).
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The Ultimate Doom

Factory Sealed – Ep. 166: The Ultimate Doom

Hop in the SmoothMobile and join Eric and Dan on a trip to the shores of Hell as we play Ultimate DOOM.
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