Yoshi's Island

Factory Sealed – Ep. 137: Yoshi’s Island

Much merriment is in the air as Montague Glover himself joins us for a chat about Yoshi’s Island and Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. Meanwhile, Mike attempts to steal everyone’s catchphrases for his own, with disastrous results.
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Factory Sealed – Ep. 136: Shadowrun

We’ve plugged our Black & Deckers into the Matrix to guide cheesy wotsit Jake through Shadowrun, but not before stopping off to discuss the finer points of the Crash N Sane trilogy.
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Final Fantasy VII

Factory Sealed – Ep. 135: Final Fantasy VII: Disc 3

Mike is declared an official podcast member and instantly says the worst thing ever before the Final Fantasy victory ham horn blares triumphantly as we breed some chocobos, summon some Knights of the Rounds, and spend hours fighting magical pots as we roll the credits on Final Fantasy
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Final Fantasy VII Aerith

Factory Sealed – Ep. 134: Final Fantasy VII: Disc 2

Tom’s back from Japan, just in time to help Aerith-th-th-th, SEXY, Cloud (or Tom), Ket Shee, Foul-Mouthed Cid, Cool Vincent, Red Dog Thing, Big Barret and Useless Yuffie continue their adventure through Final Fantasy VII.
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