Factory Sealed - Ep. 184 - Zelda II

Factory Sealed – Ep. 184: Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Which is worse: Being straddled by a nine foot tall gentlemen with an 80 syllable name on your annual pilgrimage to MoCon? Or playing Zelda II?
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Factory Sealed - Ep. 1832 - Kingdom Hearts Pt 2

Factory Sealed – Ep. 183: Kingdom Hearts – Part 2

Grab your bottle of Savior Soak, give old blinky a check, and clean out your lug holes! We’re back to polish off the rest of Kingdom Hearts with our brand new recording equipment.
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Factory Sealed – Ep. 182: Kingdom Hearts – Part 1

Don’t be alarmed, this is just a test of our ability to play an RPG over the summer! Join us aboard our poorly constructed gummi ships to revisit Kingdom Hearts in the first of two episodes and be treated to random singing and more terrible Zelda puns than you can ask for.
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Factory Sealed - Ep. 181 - Fable

Factory Sealed – Ep. 181: Fable

You were promised a return of Factory Sealed, and we delivered! Join us to discuss the highs and lows of E3, our fears of an all-streaming future, and whether a bloke says D or T in Fable.
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